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akkupy — Akash S




akkupy lets you take control over the person identified by the name Akku.

Akash was born in India and still lives there. He is receiving education in Computer Science from Kerala Technological University . He is therefore able to write code, amongst other things (see COMMANDS).


These options influence how the command will be run. Please note that some switches may not apply to some commands.


Increase verbosity. Default: false.


This option is always useful, especially when learning new things. Use it without caution!


Do things fast. Behavior becomes non-deterministic: things will be done well in average, but sometimes they will not. This option can yield more interesting results though.


Everyone wants to be happy right? Use this option regularly to ensure proper sanity of mind.


Act with more reserve. Talk less. This option overrides and disables --chatty. There is a high probability that --over-thinking will be switched on using --introvert. This option can be used to avoid unnecessary jokes during professional interactions, but try not to use it too much as it will reduce enthusiasm and increase risk of switching --silent on.


Stay open! Every thing you hear or see will be received with more curiosity and enthusiasm. Best used in combination with learn and work commands.


Spend more time thinking about things than actually doing them.


Nothing is ever good enough. Use this option to enable a "constantly-improving-and-refactoring" behavior. Beware: time spent in this mode is exponentially increased, and there is no guarantee to obtain a final product!


When inspiration is low, reluctant mode is activated. Things will be harder at first, but once the machinery is warmed-up, this mode will be deactivated and behavior will go back to normal.


Sometimes things are dangerous. Use this mode to increase cautiousness and avoid accidents.


Do not say a word and be silent. This mode can be used to silently sneak behind someone and surprise them. Be sure to know the person though. This mode is also used at night, to avoid waking up the significant other.


Side-effect of --reluctant, also triggered when tired. Everyone needs a bit of slowness from time to time right?



Write or design code. It implies thinking, and can imply drawing. This command can be run regularly, without moderation. It should not be used 100% of the time though, because other vital tasks need attention.


Drink liquids. Options are: --water (the default), --juice and --soda. Juices are good in the morning. Soda is really an extra, for example when eating pizza (both go well together). Water is mandatory. A bottle of it must always be available at night.


Eat food. Almost every kind of food is accepted as positional argument. Ability to eat all type of veggies is not yet implemented, but might be in the future.


Exercise command should be run regularly, like two or three times a week. Option --car is built-in and very often used as the main transport mean. Currently, option --cricket is available, and soon maybe --badminton will be implemented.


Learn new things. It takes time and depending on the thing to learn, --relucant might be enabled at first. In any case, don't forget to use the --open global option to ease the process. One thing that seems to be instantly learned and remembered is new keyboard shortcuts.


Focus on listening. Probability of talking is decreased. This command is well used when someone is asking a question. It helps preventing an anticipation bias that often leads to an incorrect comprehension of the question, and thus an incorrect answer.


You can love many things and people. Don't restrict yourself. Isn't love a choice after all? Brutal black metal was not loved at first, it took a bit of time and training to be able to listen to it, but now it's one of the most-cherished thing!


Play single or multi-player. Video games, especially Survival, all sorts of games! Option --pc is already implemented but is waiting for adequate hardware.


Read a book, an article, on joke, docs, a tutorial, science too. Read it on a desktop screen, on a smartphone screen, or... on paper directly? Technology is crazy. While using this option, please take care of your eyes: enable blue-light filters and adapt luminosity.


Sleep must be done regularly and in sufficient quantity to ensure proper performance in any other activity. Run this command at least once per day (better during the night) for at least eight hours. More is better. Less, and buffering will appear, and --reluctant flag will be turned on until more sleep is done.


Talk about how the universe is created and well about cars.


Don't start to write code for your complex project idea immediately! Think it before! But be careful: not too much. You'll want to implement all the options. Yes, all. It will end as a generic program to do anything, and it will fail.


Chop chop! It's time to work! But your work is your passion, so it's not really work, is it?


Write man pages, blog posts, documentation, code. You should write more code.


akkupy has an anger issue. This bug does not come from the two engineers that designed akkupy. It is due to some binary data corruption during replication over network. It can't be fixed.

Copyright 2001-2100 Akku Foundation, Inc.

This is proprietary software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


HOME - Define the home akkupy will use. "Moon", "Area 51", or "Public bathrooms" are not valid values.

ENERGY - An integer between 1 and 100. Using 0 will cause akkupy to self-destruct. Use with caution. Use commands eat then sleep when ENERGY is low to increase it again.

HEALTH - An integer between 1 and 100. Using 0 is reserved for the end-of-life date of akkupy. Don't use it before.

HUNGER - An integer between 1 and 100. 0 mens extra-full, 100 means starving. Use command eat to decrease HUNGER.

TEMPERATURE - In degree Celsius. Try to increase it just a bit when HEALTH is lowering. This is experimental. Use it at my own risk.


/boot/config - This file was useful only once, because akkupy can never reboot. Once shut down, it stays shut down.

/sys/cpu - This file was auto-generated, and is self-mutating. Please don't mess too much with this file.

/etc/akkupy/principles - You can modify principles here. Don't add too many.

/var/log/akkupy - Interesting statistics and analytics about akkupy usage.


akkupy is released under the terms of the Human Decency license. Please use it accordingly. You cannot duplicate akkupy. At least for now.


@akkupy(, @akkupy(github),, @akkupy(reddit), @akku(stackoverflow), @akkupy(twitter)


This man page is a perpetual work in progress. Expect some delays between akkupy releases and its documentation updates.